History of the GUT Bardenhagen

100 years GUT Bardenhagen in the Lüneburg Heath

GUT Bardenhagen was created in 1908 by the visions and investments of a Hamburg businessman - for 30 years it was a lively forum and workplace for many people through the breeding and training of over 100 trotting horses.

Out of respect and appreciation for the unique building ensemble and the architecturally interesting potential of GUT Bardenhagen, the desire for careful and contemporary renovation and revitalization of the estate system arises from a structural-ecological point of view. This is how the company's own wastewater treatment plant and the new heating system for all buildings are created in the form of wood chip heating. At the same time, the requirements of monument protection and fire protection are met and attention is paid to contemporary, aesthetic and functional design.

Creation of an event address with hotel, restaurant and event forum

The first step is to create a public forum for communication and joie de vivre by opening the “GUTShaus” (manor house) for private celebrations and events. From now on, interested people come to celebrate and to experience and admire the historic buildings that were closed for 50 years. And with the pyramid scheme of good word of mouth and the many positive motivations from the visitors, the momentum and energy that contributed to bringing GUT Bardenhagen together again to form a closed estate and thus creating an event address with a hotel, restaurant and event forum is growing. With additional help from the European Economic Development Agency, a concept for promoting regional tourism and creating new jobs on GUT Bardenhagen was created in 2008.

The expansion of the estate by the “Arkadensaal” (hall), the new restaurant and another guest house now enables a wide range of tourist, cultural and economic offers such as trade fairs, markets, concerts, exhibitions, which in this combination are not a second time in the Lüneburg Heath let find.

Unique location in the nature reserve of the Lüneburg Heath

The uniqueness of the various buildings of the estate and the idyllic location in the nature reserve of the Lüneburg Heath, combined with good transport links, leads to inquiries that go far beyond regional interested parties. GUT also discovered Bardenhagen on television and filmed it there several times for the program “Rote Rosen” on the ARD, which is set in Lüneburg.

We are pleased about the growing interest of our hotel guests and customers and are trying to meet the growing requirements and structures of the new areas. As a family-run business, we value professionalism, team spirit, motivation and commitment to ensure good services and a courteous and friendly service to guests. It is our goal that the guest feels comfortable in the harmonious and stimulating atmosphere of GUT Bardenhagen with a perfect location in the Lüneburg Heath and would like to come back.

Takeover by Family Schubert-Jaworski

In August 2018, the couple Simone Schubert-Jaworski and Christoph Jaworski from Kassel took over the hotel business GUT Bardenhagen. Since then, the various building sections of the historic homestead have been filled with ideas.

Design paried with unobtrusive service

Feel at home as a guest, at home with friends on GUT Bardenhagen. Nice if we continue to succeed! It is worth every effort and effort and includes our philosophy, which aims to create value by providing our guests with positive experiences and memories that enrich them emotionally and accompany them for a while.

A place for people who love a cozy, temporary home with a pure design. And it is our aspiration and incentive at the same time to be able to count you among our regular guests soon thanks to our unobtrusive service and our warm manner.

May be all the best delight GUT Bardenhagen and its guests and enrich in the future.

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